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Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association (JSMEA)


In Japan, there is a maritime industry cluster of businesses, which include ship owners, shipbuilding companies and ship machinery and equipment makers. New products have been developed, while others have been improved within the framework of this maritime cluster. Japan has completed many vessels of a wide variety of types for years. Boasting high levels of performance and quality, Japan-built ships are highly rated by ship owners worldwide.


Choosing the Right Equipment Saves More Than Money


According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, a total of 717 work injuries occurred as a result of contact with objects and equipment in 2013. Roughly, 245 of them were struck by falling objects and another 105 workers were fatally injured after being caught in running equipment or machinery. Needless to say, anything can happen on a jobsite. Your equipment could malfunction or the weather might cause a whirlwind of unexpected issues, or even worse, someone could get hurt. Unfortunately, not much can be done when circumstances such as those arise, which is why developing preventive strategies is crucial to having a successful and safe project. One of those strategies is always choosing safe and reliable lifting equipment. But the question that remains is: is it safer to rent or to buy?

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